Our Facilities

The firm is housed in its own building in the Southpark Complex on the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. This location is convenient to Highway US 17 Business, Highway 501, and, of course, the airport. An airplane is hangared on the airport for trips to clients' offices and jobsites.

All drafting is done on Autocadd, and a network connects all computers. Drawing and specifications files are maintained in a central file server which is backed-up frequently. Additional file safety is assured by having files backed-up onto the remote computer at the same time they are saved to the server. All computers have their own UPS systems to protect against lost production resulting from power outages, brown-outs, or powerline surges.

Plotting is done on Hewlett Packard Inkjet plotters, and reproduction is accomplished with large-scale engineering copiers.

A large array of test equipment allows field testing of HVAC and electrical systems for trouble-shooting and design-compliance purposes.